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What is also a not spoken about issue, "you'll no longer need to rely on 3rd party providers" which totally seems to ignore that to run MattSoft apps, you require the use of their hosting servers. Once they are off, you loose access.

I've also never understood the module license policy. Anyone that uses the app to create their own modules that aren't in the base application, but creates a module that is very useful, the owners of MattSoft retain license rights to that module. You also retain rights and can freely sell that module on to others that use MattSoft (not a big market at all). However, MattSoft also now own it and can do with it whatever they wish. So they essentially get you coding modules for them for free, modules that they can then include in other companies installs. You create a very useful module on Monday, next week they can be using said module to secure a contract with another company and you get no money for it.

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