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> the majority of the people rejected the puppet

No. Christ no. Madness.

You're "Projecting" democracy where none existed.

It was a straight military action between two armies which Mao won by overwhelming numbers and then Mao stepped his own men into the existing and verrrrrry longstanding existing society power structures. All hail the new king, same as the old king.

Four legs good, two legs better. Life repeating art 10+yrs later.

As to why Mao won: he and Chiang Kai-shek were notionally co-generals vs the Japanese and coordinated closely on tactics, and each time Mao bullshitted and on the day left CKS's army holding the baby. End of WWII, Mao's remaining army had multiple-more surviving soldiers. The end.

Parasitism works. Lying works. False Face works.

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