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Spectacular revisionism.

To understand for just how LONG Mao was playing a two-faced parasite game at the violently lethal expense of "the little people", go through the first-person front-line records of the Japan vs China war leading up to and during WWII. Hint: Chiang Kai-shek was a pussy.

And Taiwan? Are you out of your mind? Are you THAT unaware of of the prior invasions by China of Taiwan? The mass-murderous subjugations? The appallingly mens-rea and inhumane long-game stated in writing repeatedly for years?

Do you even know what "raw food" vs "cooked noodles" means?

Hint: preceded Chiang Kai-shek. By centuries. Hint: Hong Kong is currently resisting the water.

Ignorance plus Arrogance does not equal Expert. No matter how much Arrogance you add.

Challenge, Mr SuperExpert: without consulting the web: how many native Taiwanese _races_ are there?

For bonus points, explain current geographic clumpings.

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