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"curious if something about Huawei"...?! I'm lost for words.

If you are THAT decoupled from even widely reported news, you might be well advised to keep away from the near lunatic conspiracy theories.

Re Huawei: massive reporting of widescale and massive and energetic whole-corporation IP theft. Right down to a system of formal awards and profit sharing, for employees presenting stolen IP to the company. Just on THIS site, ElReg commentards with close low-level experience pointing out total fleecage, eg chap recently re auditing Huawei routers as part of big procurement assessment and discovering they'd just lifted Dell's firmware code lock stock and barrel. Or just consider that what wotsername is currently held for in Canada for extradition to USA is roughly the same illegal tactics of shell-company-chain deceit as Enron's (and it was the banks who triggered THOSE Huawei charges, not the US govt). And she personally is on public record crowing about Huawei breaching the law in major ways without getting caught.

Just for example.

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