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Programming by Pictures - been a dream for a long, long time

I remember back in the 90's overhearing a conversation of executives who were excited about component programming with com/dcom - saying that they could get rid of programmers and replace them with normal people that just needed to drag-and-drop components on a screen to make programs.

The old lead programmer next to me laughed after they had left and said : "It will never work - non-technical people cannot think in logical steps. In fact, we'll get more work fixing their messes."

Fast forward 25 years and we have this Amazon thing, Microsoft's Power Apps ( and several others.

Here is a quote from the MS Power App site touting its success :

“It’s given me the confidence that I never knew I had. I have no background in IT or any experience in coding but … you can think of any idea and make it become a reality through Power Apps.”

Naz B

Insurance Claims Officer + App Guru

The bottom line is this : there is a concerted effort to get rid of expensive technologists - they were very successful with the Cloud idea (bye bye infrastructure people). Now, they're trying, yet again, to get rid of developers. But, like my old lead said - it requires people to think logically and ahead - something most people cannot do.

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