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Magic Quadramt Strikes Again!

Gartner is the 2010s/2020s version of "no one ever got fired for buying IBM." Some of their "predictions" are paid for, and therefore are kind of made to happen. You can bet if there's some whizzy new Container As A Service tool in the Magic Quadrant, a good chunk of CIOs will buy it, use it and make the prediction come true.

They definitely have the "market to lazy business people" thing down...they hold themselves out as a bunch of thought leaders, thinkfluencers, whatever. Reality is that their "research" is just a bunch of copy-paste reports put together by a bunch of new grads who couldn't quite make it into McKinsey or one of the other management consultancues when they were done with school. Our company bought access to their whole research library for a year, and I never found anything worth the cost.

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