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In the 1950s RAND created "scenario planning" as a way of helping the US military develop "futures". This crept into MBA syllabuses as a tool for business strategy and corporate planning. ...... gerryg

Seventy years on, gerryg, and things have moved on significantly but are also still very much the same as they were whenever the almighty power of media was first realised and harnessed. Today though it is not a lonely and exclusive operation.

Here is a Current ITeRation? .......

amanfromMars [2006231238] ..... being more forthright on

Eh? Where are you coming from? Are you talking Mars language? .... Arminius

Howdy, Arminius,

Have you not yet realised how everything works out there in the wild and do you think it is truly only available to a choice few rather than more than just many ?

Words create, command and control and destroy worlds .... for are they not what everyone reacts to, imagining what are just personal opinions and/or collectively shared views in/on/for media programs to spin as prime important leading advice for the futures ahead.

Question more as you have done, and you will be both amazed and terrified in equal measure with what can be easily found hidden away out of regular sight in dark secret places and corrupted spaces.

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