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I've just been testing Linux Mint 20 Beta. It has to be the easiest OS of any, to find and run things, and importantly has a software update that just works and is measured in seconds, not minutes or hours.

I run Windows 7, Windows 10 2004, MacOS High Sierra, MacOS Catalina (I prefer/tend to use the macbook with HS more), and Ubuntu and Mint. In terms of updates, all have had issues with updates except Linux Mint, and Linux Mint 20 is the one that is supposed to be 'beta'.

With Windows 7, it's virtually impossible to install all the updates without some failing.

Automatic updates, fail out of the box on a new fresh install (you need to manually install several updates beforehand). Some updates (mostly 3x Remote Desktop Protocol ones) that require to be installed one at a time, are the ones that always fail to install.

Windows 10 2004 has lost both the new search box and the start menu, from recent installs on different hardware, so there is clearly an issue with the start menu/search box. It's not awful though, once working, turn off all the privacy leeching, it's getting more like the old Windows 7. The problem is, with Microsoft constant updating policy, it can be working today, but broken tomorrow again. Also, Microsoft just don't let up on trying to force Microsoft Edge onto your desktop, when it's not wanted.

Updating macos High Sierra with security updates is a pain in the arse, they take forever, and don't always install first time and Catalina, where do you start? The worst release to date for Apple. Apple just seem to be adding more and more hoops to jump through to get their software to work, especially on older kit.

Linux Mint, on the other hand, has a great clean new interface and just works. The only interface that looks promising aka. 'cleaner' is MacOS Big Sur, and it's mostly a rearrangement of the deck chairs, having watched Yesterday's Apple Keynote.

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