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"Linux is not then an option in this case. The GUI is totally different to what he is presently using."

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Presumably he started with Windows several years ago, before the current atrocity existed. Maybe a Linux based solution will feel old & comfortable to him ...

Me DearOldMum (mid-80s and computer incompetent) & Great Aunt (105 years young and computer illiterate) have been using Slackware-stable + KDE for over a decade now.

Please note that I understand their needs ... THEY didn't install the cut-down, customized version of Slackware. I did, based on how they use their computers, in real life. Nor do they handle the (scripted) update schedule. I take care of that from my own home. Also note that I didn't customize KDE for them. It's box-stock as shipped with Slackware, except I placed a few icons on their desktops, because that's the way they used to use Windows.

Mom & GreatAunt's "help, please" phone calls have dropped from several times per month each to one total in the last couple of years ... and that was to install yet another new printer for Mom. To be fair, I'd have been called in for that regardless of OS; she's afraid to plug anything new into the computer by herself. These days when I visit either of them it's for tea, not tech help, which is a much nicer state of affairs, don't you think?

Now if I could only get them to call it Linux instead of "that version of Windows that jake gave me". ::sighs:: One hill at a time.

(For the record, I'm nearly old enough to have been on sentry duty during the Cuban Crisis myself ... Some of us old farts have been using computers for a long time.)

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