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It's seriously time to set your dad up with Linux - I'd recommend Ubuntu or Mint with MATE which is what my mother and mother-in-law now both use.

Neither of them is computer literate and neither ever calls me for support because it just works. We're talking nearly a year for my mum and about 4 or 5 years for the mother in law (who actually asked me two things recently which were both 100% OS independent: How to cancel her trial Amazon prime and the other that BT WebMail has completely changed suddenly and they've basically cocked up the transfer of contacts from their old system).

As printing is a relevant topic here - there is of course a change that a printer could have problems with Linux but CUPS (developed by Apple) is truly excellent and easy to use, and HP provides proper Linux support - even for its £30 bargain combo printer-scanners.. Seriously, in about 5 years the only things my mother in law has asked for help with is installing said 'bargain' printer, which worked straight out of the box, and to connect a new monitor.

On the previous Windows system she was always having some problem or other and it was a pain in the ass.

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