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First of all, this is a primary. Democrats can't vote for/against Republicans and vice versa in Kentucky. Suppressing the vote totals for one side or the other doesn't have much in the way of an effect on the outcome - Thus the "coup" you claim just cannot and will not happen.

Second, given the number of absentee mail-in ballots that have been sent out, the polling places aren't going to see nearly as much traffic as they had in a normal primary.

Third, four years ago, in a hotly contested primary race, Jefferson County only had 110,000 Democrat voters. I expect the single polling place to be busy, but I don't expect it to be overflowing. However, tomorrow we will see which of us is correct.

Fourth, you blame Republicans for limiting the polling in Jefferson County, but it was the REPUBLICANS who filed the lawsuit to try to get more polling places, and it is the Democrats who run Jefferson County who refused to open more polling. The judge in the case rules that there wasn't a statute on which he could rule -- in other words, the lawsuit was deficient. A real judge doesn't make the arguments, they rule on the validity of them.

Fifth, your talk about public transportation shows that you have no understanding of Kentucky or the rest of the "flyover" states. We rarely take public transit, with an almost 1:1 ratio between adults and personal vehicles. It isn't at all uncommon for a single person to have 2 or more vehicles that they regularly drive. Still, the Expo Center has 19,000 parking spaces, the polls are open for 12 hours, and it generally takes less than 5 minutes to vote. As such, each slot = 12 votes per hour, or 144 votes per day, for a total of 2,736,000 voting opportunities - for a county of 616,516 registered voters of whom less than 130,000 voted in the last primary. Even if each parking space only accounted for one vote per hour (228000) there is ample parking space for all voters that are expected to vote. If there is a space contention it will be in the number of voting booths, but with 1.3 MILLION square feet there will be plenty of space for them.

In short, almost all your claimed 4100 buses unloading every 7 seconds could actually park in the parking lot simultaniously. Parking isn't going to be an issue.

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