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I am not at all convinced that Bush 41 would have lost in a traditional 2-way race.

More than likely, he would not have lost. But if Sanders were to play the role of Ross Perot in 2020, he'd siphon away the already pathetic number of votes for Biden, making it even MORE laughable when Trump wins in November. Polls aside, they were 20 points off 4 years ago at this time in the race, and that was NO coincidence [many people believe that these political polls are deliberately used to drive Republican voters away from casting their votes, by depressing them or making them believe their votes won't count, so they stay home... and so the wording of the questions is carefully crafted, or the population samples are deliberately 'not representative'].

Trump is an efficiency-thinking business guy, and goes for the win in an efficient and planned way. So a clear margin in the electoral college is how you win, NOT the popular vote, and THAT will be the strategy. Again. The Trump 2020 campaign really just started 2 days ago. With the lamemainstream media against him in ALL ways possible, often deliberately stretching anything even remotely resembling truth into outright lies and falsehoods, while simultaneously leaving out ANYTHING that even REMOTELY resembles 'good news', it's a wonder that his numbers are as high as they are at the moment, except to simply say that MOST of us aren't fooled by it, not one bit. But there are a few I think that are losing hope, with the latest assault of doom, gloom, and daily pessimism. That should turn around VERY quickly (Trump's best talent, infectious optimism).

Huawei is trying to appear like they're not making any bets. But if I were them, I'd plan on 8 years of Trump, Republicans dominating elections across the USA (again), manufacturing leaving China, and more tariffs. Then again, they COULD become more open about things, particularly when it comes to the security concerns (China government snooping via any networks Huawei owns, for example), go out of their way to respect intellectual property (even for domestic products), and become the friendlier, more honest, more customer-oriented company we'd like them to be.

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