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See Kentucky, its a coup

I'm expecting them to run an election, but close specific polling stations (that score as Democrat leaning). The same Republican states, responsible for the spiking in Corona Virus infections, are also the ones cutting the number of polling stations down in Democrat districts:

"Kentucky Slashes Number of Polling Places Ahead of Primary—Especially Where Black Voters Live"

"Kentucky officials have reduced the number of polling places in the state from 3,700 in a typical election year to fewer than 200 this month"

200/3700 = only 5.4% of the usual polling stations available in Kentucky.

"Louisville’s Jefferson County (pop. 767,000) chose a single polling place... a convention and expo hall with spaced-out voting booths"

So they're trying to bunch everyone in a 767000 county to vote in one convention center with parking for 2.4% of that population and a tiny fraction of the public transport needed to deliver that population to that single voting center (e.g. 60 people per bus, quarter of a million people try to vote, it will be 4100 buses, a bus loading and unloading every 7 seconds). Obviously it will be impossible for them to vote. Physically they will not be able to go there, and do the vote, and with Corona Virus hitting, Kentucky's Secreatary of State will close that polling station.

A lawsuit filed was rejected by Justice Charles Ralph Simpson III, a Reagan nominee.

So you might anticipate what will happen when those few polling station is closed (citing 'safety') and lawsuits are filed to keep them open, take a guess how Justice Charles Ralph Simpson III Reagan nominee will rule.

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