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Well Trump would be even more better off than Biden if they could lock him in his bunker until November, but he's so narcissistic that he'd probably die if he couldn't get regular doses of people fawning over him.

And I'd happily make a bet with anyone that Biden will not choose Hillary, the party would be in open revolt if he tried. I will say that if he wins I really doubt he plans to run for a second term at his age, so his VP pick is more important than most as that person will almost certainly be their candidate in 2024.

If Trump loses I think it is possible he might run again in 2024, and if he does it will tear the republican party apart. Which needs doing, to get the stink of Trump off it. I'm still registered republican since I'm too lazy to change it, but haven't liked the direction it has been going since 2008 when McCain (a man I truly respected and the country would have been so much better off had he won the nomination in 2000 and become president instead of Bush) was forced by the crazy wing to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate. I couldn't make myself vote for him knowing that she was a heartbeat away from the oval office. Little did I know someone far worse would occupy it only eight years later.

Trump's nomination was the last straw for me. I'm voting D pretty much across the board this fall simply because only by losing in epic fashion will they be forced to take stock of how things went so badly wrong the party could nominate someone like Trump and turn it into basically a religion worshipping him. You can't worship someone who alienates everyone who isn't white and also alienates women and young people for good measure, and think that's a winning formula.

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