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> Can the election be postponed? No. The date of the election is in our Constitution...

Humm I think a certin Mr. Roosevlt would like to have a quite word with you on that subejct. Because your comment (Though technically correct), is historicly false. Not only can such an Election be postponed.... IT ALREADY HAS!

> According to polls, does this public view Biden more favorably than Trump regardless of the candidate they support? Yes...

Yes, and accorfing to the same "Polls" We would be living under Queen Killary right now.... So yes please continue.

> According to polls, is stopping Trump a major concern of Biden voters? Yes....

And according to my reckoning a demented old fart who cant string Three little words into anything bordering on a coherent sentence. Is a concern to most of President Trump's supporters. WHO KNEW?!

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