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> So, meh. Normally, I wouldn't consider voting for him. And the lack of interest in his candidacy here in the US is a worrisome sign for November.

I think you will find that there is more than a slight corrlation between this, and this

> If I was Biden's campaign manager I'd tell him to just say and do as little as possible...

Its campaining season... (Nomally), and, 'Ol Sleepy is no where to be seen. Lord help him if hes alowd to run his mouth off. Thanking the wrong Intervier (Or Netwok). Claming his candidacy for the Senate, in some other State. Where he would be otherwise ineligible to run in.

Honestly wouldnt even shock me to see Killary posture herself for the VP position. Cause the only cat to vacate the job faster them William H. Harrison*. Shall be 'Ol Sleepy, with Killary as his runnng mate. Which is also about the only way that witch could ever actually become the US Prsident. So Im calling it out now.

*Note he died of Typhiod Feavor 31 days after taking Office

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