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> If I was Biden's campaign manager I'd tell him to just say and do as little as possible [ ... ]

That's exactly what Biden is doing.

This year, Biden's candidacy is just a textbook case of lesser of two evils. Under "normal" circumstances, he wouldn't stand a chance. He tried twice before, and failed miserably.

But this isn't a normal year, so all bets are off.

Biden hardly gets a mention in the UK because, well, there isn't that much to mention about him, and those parts of his track record that deserve mention aren't much to be proud of.

Biden is one of the authors of the 1994 mandatory sentencing law here in the US, and he always took credit for it. Unfortunately, it's not the only statute of that kind that he's supported in the past.

He's just an anachronistic leftover from the late '70's and '80's war on drugs delusion.

So, meh. Normally, I wouldn't consider voting for him. And the lack of interest in his candidacy here in the US is a worrisome sign for November.

G.H.W. Bush [Bush 41] lost his re-election bid in a 3-way race -- the 1992 election was between Bush, Perot and Clinton. That's a very unusual configuration for US elections. I am not at all convinced that Bush 41 would have lost in a traditional 2-way race.

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