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Nothing fills you with confidence in an IT contractor more than hearing its staff personal records were stolen by ransomware hackers. Right, Cognizant?

sitta_europea Silver badge

Re: It's not 'toxic waste' if you can't be paid without it.

"The employer needs all that info for payroll, pension, medical insurance, reduced-cost loan schemes (bike or car purchase schemes, forex), and all the other interactions between employer and employed. ..."

Yeah, but the employer does NOT need to keep it all on a poorly secured Internet-facing system.

Speaking as an employer, we keep stuff like that in (locked) filing cabinets in the office, and the only things of that sort that we put on the computers are the things that our certifiably insane government insists that we keep on the computers. Which, unluckily, seems to be more and more and more and more, as more and more idiotic ideas keep coming - primarily from HMRC, who couldn find their collective arses with their hands tied behind their backs.

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