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So k8s is hideous, it's sprawling, complex burdened with stupid names and written in yaml.

But it's about self service, when I have a templating problem, I reach for sed.

K8s gives them an override file to change a line, and a special command 'kustomize' which exists exclusively to change a line in this sort of yaml file. I didn't know this existed but it's really a thing, and now it's adopted into the main kubectl command with the -k flag.

So a way to look at it is an output target for various tooling, the result of which are some yaml.

So your scripts queries a db, runs perl over the results and spits out some yaml which k8s interprets.

The commands are verbose but sensible once you grok the concepts. You can run shell scripts with environment variables being injects from various useful sources, which something genuinely useful when combined with replication.

So I can tell a user, here is the platform contract, use the following env-vars in your service/script and the configuration management will do the right thing in development and production.

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