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Forget biz insider threats for a moment – let's talk about partners turning rogue and installing spyware on phones

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They do have a weakness

There is one fundamental weakness that, for want of better word, people, that resort to illicit means for obtaining information have. They trust that information implicitly.

Take for instance this company, which, it is alleged, would defame some former employees when they left. Perhaps they took Hotel California too literally, who knows. They could have been easily misled by an individual that was about to leave, when say for instance, they had access to information (perhaps obtained illegally) that the individual was looking for employment on the west coast of the US. What they would not have known was that this was simply a ruse, an opportunity for self incrimination, or something else.

What is certain, that you never trust people again. Like a dog that has tasted blood they must be put down, that is to say, they should never be entrusted with the personal information of others again.

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