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Pff, like I know *specifically* what apps would be affected. I was pointing out the generic class of problem and as I noted, it's impossible to know with certainty what *would* be affected; all we can be certain of is that a lot of widely-divergent code paths *could* be affected because people (rightly or wrongly) use high-precision timers all over the place, for a wide variety of reasons.

As far as "my sql server" goes: you're not wrong, but you're not thinking about it in the right terms if that's your stance. If your server is physically distinct, on your own network, you control all access, etc, then sure, fine, you're right -- this sort of attack isn't really a problem for you and if it becomes one you're already fucked because they already have access to your hardware to pull it off -- and as we all know, if they have access to the hardware, you're fucked.

But that's not the target profile.

This sort of attack is the sort that opens you up to loss because some idiot running alongside your instance in the datacenter wasn't careful and the attacker escaped *their* sandbox, likely using some other exploit, and is now running their own process at the hypervisor layer, and what they're after is the encryption keys (for example) so they can peer into anybody's process space at will. You're probably not being targeted at all. It's a shotgun approach.

So datacenter operators are understandably worried about it. People who operate in the cloud *should* be worried about it, though I don't recommend losing sleep at the moment. Chip manufacturers are sweating bullets about it because they know just how bad it could really be, even if your (bold!) statement about "no single ransomware tied back to meltdown or spectre" holds true. But dedicated-instance operators? Meh. As you note, there are better ways to get you, if that's your setup.

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