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The short answer is no.

Browser makers are able to do that because that level of precision was never part of the design spec and exposes more problems than having it available solves. An actual, functional OS (rather than a JavaScript sandbox) is designed to allow access to that level of accuracy and there's no telling how many crucial bits of code out there rely on it -- everything from sensor monitoring to file access logging to cryptography and beyond may rely on timers that precise, and rounding off could break entire industries.

Nor can you simply enforce any sort of useful gatekeeping around it. You can't say that "only trusted code" gets access to the timers, because malware doesn't respect your rules as-is and there's no effective way to sign all the possible valid apps at this late stage. If it had been baked in from day one, maybe -- but even then it would probably be more hassle than its worth, as high-accuracy timers are not themselves the problem, they're just a means of exploiting it.

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