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City of Los Angeles sued for tracking rental scooter rides – that's the rideshare company's job says EFF and ACLU

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Whilst I can see the point of the arguments from my fellow commentards above, one point from the EFF stands out for me. The LA Department of Transport, claim they need this info to track where people are leaving the scooters, so they dont block paths, etc.

Why do they need the ride data? Surely more useful would be (if the data is really used for the stated purpose) would be data involving when the Scooters are stationary. A simple map of where all scooters are, no need for identifying details about individual scooters. Just a map of where all the scooters are when stationary. That would meet the stated requirements. If they want the full ride details for any other purposes, they should come clean and admit what they need/want the data for. And then people can decide if they really need that data.

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