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City of Los Angeles sued for tracking rental scooter rides – that's the rideshare company's job says EFF and ACLU

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Protesting metropass data next?

One could infer from the argument alleged that if TransitCo has the metropass data showing where I got on the bus, one could deduce where I live and where I work/ shop/ get entertainment/ get back on the bus (or at least get within a quarter-mile of it). Not as complete a picture as the start+end points collected in scooter logs, but only because I don't need to swipe my metropass to leave the bus (yet, if some bright spark thinks this data could somehow generate revenue for TransitCo). And what about dial-a-ride service for the elderly/disabled by which TransitCo sends a minivan to collect passengers and drive them to shopping, appointments, and so on? That said, one need only observe the piles of discarded scooters in the bar/entertainment district to suss out where people go on the things.

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