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Google cloud Europe?

Given the attacks against press and medics in Minneapolis–St Paul. Medic tent attacked with rubber bullets, police slashing car tyres, police confiscating camera equipment and press ID badges and then arresting press men.

We know this because we have access to video on Youtube and twitter.

YouTube and Facebook AS A MATTER OF URGENCY should move their data to Europe and the control over that data to their European staff.

If they're attacking press, then they're trying to create a false narrative. And Youtube and Facebook will be next, because the video footage undermines that false narrative.

You see Republican Senators claiming the troops should shoot and kill the protestors? Do you think they're joking? They are definitely not joking.

What stops this situation going south quickly is not Trump, or Barr, or laws that Barr won't obey, ITS THE VIDEO EVIDENCE.

You will see telecoms companies used to block Internet access in protest areas. When you see that, video everything that happens, swap out and hide SD cards and backups, try to get copies of the video out of the control area on physical media.

Republicans gave Barr powers to monitor all internet connections very recently, so he'll be spying on press and politicians. Beware the US based cloud service you use has Barr controlled FBI on the other end journalists! Find and use European or non-US based services, journos! (Qwant for searches! All US based search engines are Barr compromized)

"“Under the McConnell amendment, Barr gets to look through the web browsing history of any American—including journalists, politicians, and political rivals—without a warrant, just by saying it is relevant to an investigation,”

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