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They seem to have also forgotten the other plucky ones: Symbian and SailfishOS. Though, yes, to be fair... Europe does come up with good tech, they just appear to lack the multinational take-over-the-world drive/ambition which the US startups have as Gene 0. Also, Europe can't market/hype itself out of a wet paper bag which makes it hard to compete with any US company where PR/marketing appears to be second nature.

What would be great is if Gaia-X styled itself on the GSMA, i.e. provide the broad technical standards and such that would allow smaller/niche players to build compatible offerings, e.g. a small company might specialise in niche compute offerings like FPGA/GPU/OpenCL/etc. And if the platform allows accounts, services, data to be truly portable, think SIM-card, mobile number portability, "roaming" and single-bill, they could be onto something.

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