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"Their engine is heavily censored though."

Just tried it. I'm having a few issues since I pulled my SSD from the old laptop and put it in the new one. FreeBSD + Intel gfx drivers not quite right. Entered "freebsd intel graphics" into Qwant. No results in "web". Trimmed down to just "freebsd". Still no results at all in the Web section. I don't think it's going to be my default search engine anytime soon.

(If anyone is interested, and waaay off topic, the old Tosh laptop failed and I moved the SSD "as is" into a newer Tosh laptop. Everything just worked after telling the OS the name of the newly detected ethernet hardware but some GFX acceleration is not working and causes the apps trying to use the features to seg fault, but it's still a far more successful move than for the Windows partition.)

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