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I've recently acquired my first Alexa box (the Fire Stick one), on the basis that by now it might be able to do something to justify the money I paid for it. I've already got Chromecast and Roku gadgets, which don't really do anything to justify their existence.

If I ask Alexa to play BBC 6 Music (it's a radio station), Alexa puts a BBC logo on the TV screeen and plays the station and that's about all it does. Even my actual not-very-smart TV mostly manages to do more than that when playing BBC 6 Music direct from an aerial or via a dish; as well as the logo, there's usually some programme info, for example, and quite often there's some "now playing" info too. Alexa even lacks most of those. Am I holding it wrong or something?

In general it isn't even as useful (valuable to me) as the BBC Sounds app. Which in turn is nothing like as useful as BBC iPlayer Radio before it was abandoned.


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