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"expertise required to transform back-office functions from bespoke systems to efficient, industry-standard processes, enabled by commercial off the shelf software".

Very ironic, considering the local gov I work for is trying, unsuccessfully and at great cost which they are hiding from the local tax payers, to get rid of all off the shelf software. All so they can write their own in-house apps with an awful piece of low code ware known as MattSoft. What they don't seem to understand, because they are directed by an incompetent, hipster IT director, is that using MattSoft means they are just creating their own in-house bespoke software. Those apps will be written by people on low wage. All who are being forced to do project after project without finishing the first. So each one ends up with little to no documentation.

Over the years the low paid coders, I like to note they even said at the start "We can just use interns and people from other departments who aren't in IT but might like to learn, to keep costs down", have realised they are getting paid shit for what they do so several have stuck it out for a year and then left. Because MattSoft isn't mainstream (I'm aware some banks use it but not for what we do), they've also realised "I'm learning to be a developer, I can take this experience in MattSoft and use it I can't. No one else appears to use MattSoft. There are no jobs where MattSoft is required. But plenty of other established languages they could of used. Why didn't they just use those languages then they could of replaced every leaver so easily instead of having to train every single replacement in MattSoft. There are so many C++, C#, .Net developers and so on. And don't get me started on the realisation that I can't even say I've learnt databases, because although that is all MattSoft really is, it breaks all database standards."

Its infuriating seeing how much money is being wasted on this. Infuriating seeing them hide the ever increasing costs from the local tax payer, infuriating seeing the councillors keep quiet about it who once championed it all because they want to be re-elected. I'm seriously thinking of whistleblowing, but have warned my boyfriend that If I do, I'll have to leave shortly after in case they work out its me as I don't trust their own whistleblower program they have.

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