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Bluto Nash

Model M fo' life

One of the unpublished advantages of the Model M is the lack of a Windows key. It frustrates the hell out of random scammer calls. "OK, so what key is next to the Ctrl key on your keyboard?" "Um, a blank spot?" "You LIE!"

This aside from the obvious advantages of:

1 - LOUD - You KNOW when I'm typing

2 - Durable - I have three - one at home, one at work, one spare. The spare is unlikely to ever be necessary

3 - Heavy - Not gonna shift around while I whack on it

4 - Removable keycaps can be run through the washing machine in a lingerie bag

5 - Durable - Did I say that? Only have to rinse the blood of the user off before writing the post contact report.

6 - BEST tactile response of any keyboard, ever. Of course, I learned to type on a manual typewriter, so there's that...

Plus already paid for and less than 200 quid each to begin with. WTF are they thinking?

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