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Back in the late '60s I was taking an early morning golf lesson at Sunnyvale Municipal. I was getting ready to tee off on the 10th when four Phantoms screamed into view from roughly the south east, at about tree-top level. Mid-runway, they pointed their noses straight up & kicked in the afterburners and kept going up until out of view ... in perfect finger-four. They repeated the maneuver eight or ten times over the next couple hours. Practicing for the Moffett Field Air Show the following weekend. (I found out later they were refueling off the coast.)

Now keep in mind, Sunnyvale Muni is right at the end Moffett's runway, so most of us were used to aircraft flying low overhead on a regular basis ... usually it was Orions (P-3) practicing takeoffs & landings, occasional small trainers and cargo planes, and sometimes even a couple of F4s would grace us with an overflight. But four of the things, about 150 feet up, at roughly 650 MPH just as I was addressing my ball was somewhat surprising to say the least :-)

No, this wasn't the Navy's Blue Angels ... they were still flying F11s at the time, and practiced later in the same day.

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