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Ardour goes harder: v6.0 brings 'huge engineering changes' to open-source digital audio workstation


> MP3 import and export is now fully supported – the developers were formerly opposed to MP3 import because it is a lossy format and not intended for this use

Jesus H Fucking Christ. That was absolutely infuriating thread to read. The attitude and complete disconnect from actual real world workflows is jawdropping.

In 15+ years, I don't think I've worked a single day where I didn't have to drag in an mp3 at some point for some reference or temp purpose.

No wonder Ardour has gained absolutely zero traction in the music world if it took 8 years to relent.

For the devs here, imagine if Microsoft forcibly prevented you from pasting text that came from outside your Visual Studio project, because "copying and pasting code leads to poor quality", and if you really need to do it for some reason, you can type it all in manually as a workaround.

It's that utterly insane.

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