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TCL 10L: Remember the white goods flinger that had a licence to make BlackBerrys? It made a new own-name phone

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TCL pushes devices that contain pre-installed malware that performs click-fraud and attempts to sign the user up for paid services without their knowledge.

TCL also modifies system apps to contain unremovable advertising SDK's when updating firmware that hijacks WebView with fake virus warnings to try and trick users into installing dubious "cleaner" apps.

The newly "updated" system apps also contain an SDK with ties to the Chinese state through "HAWK app studios" and performs DNS rebinding attacks with TCL clouds.

Pre-installed Facebook and other social media apps are not found on the Google Play Store and are specifically created to allow other apps to gain low-level access to the users social media data regardless of any "privacy" settings the user has set.

Newer versions of TCL devices I have seen also contain the packet-sniffer binary "tcpdump"

Proceed with caution!


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