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I had the pleasure of reading the research papers behind the Vitamin D recommendation which only us and the US are pushing. It's based on the following, Australia has a low mortality rate because they get lots of sunshine unlike Italy and Spain (Yes, I know how stupid that sounds), countries south of the 35th parallel get more sun so are doing better (like Brazil??), Nordic countries have low mortality rates because they all take supplements (ok), they have correlated covid deaths with patient records and confirmed that vitamin D deficiency is a common factor (how would they know?). I'm not one to dick about with fake news but feel free to read those papers yourself including the ones that haven't been peer-reviewed but have been used for this recommendation. Final point, how do you get Vitamin D? That's right from the sun so in essence by giving that advice it encourages people to go out especially when everywhere has sold out of supplements. I might be wrong so keep taking your supplements if you are, they won't cause you any harm (but don't take more than the recommended amount as then it will).

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