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Maybe by 2023 we will have some competitive kit

Its a two pronged approach. Do what you can politically to hobble Huawei while cobbling together kit of our own that might just be competitive. It might just work. It probably won't because our infrastructure, technical education and corporate structures aren't set up to make competitive kit -- its how we ended up handing the market to Huawei and other Chinese companies in the first place. The only way to regain the initiative is a massive government investment program, a program that can't be implemented by handing huge sums of money to legacy players (you've seen how this works out many times). There just isn't enough money to be made in a realistic timeframe to attract suficent private capital.

If SpaceX's launch goes off OK this week (hopefully) expect Trump et al to lay on the "triumph of American technology' bit really thick; instead of seeing it as success despite innumerable financial and technical obstacles its a validation of the system. The reality is that Musk, like Huawei, saw an opening in the market and went for it, everyone involved worked their tails off and despite setbacks made it hjappen.

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