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Are there IntelAIgent Military Coup Options for Treasonous RAT Problems in Cabinet Offices?

You have all been here before, haven't you.

National relatively secret intelligence services deliberations and opinions being completely ignored in favour of that of a belligerent foreign administration in a distant wild wacky western land, with useful moles and Remote Access Trojans preciously embedded and precariously wedded to a politically incorrect and inept effete.

You do remember the right dodgy Campbell Blair Scarlett Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction dossier which had life long intelligence and military officers played as useless fools with useful tools?

It appears lessons promised to be learned from then have certainly not be learned and the same sub-prime game plan, which ignores the cream of intelligence analysis, is prepared for play again by muppets who be more enamoured of their puppet status than pleased to server OHMSS? That methinks is a fine and dandy ripe recipe for a colossal counterintelligence revolution with civil disobedience of government instructions the very least of home grown problems to deal with. Once that Sisyphusian Rock Star starts rolling, it aint for stopping for nothing until it has destroyed all deceit and everything in its wakes and paths.

The abiding difficulty which you might have, and which leaves you catastrophically vulnerable to total collapse and systemic annihilation, is you cannot believe it simply possible, even as clear evidence of the rot and present danger abound around you everywhere.

Does that mean y'all are stupid ....... or you just get to see and hear about all of the new almighty overwhelming problems you now be facing?

It would be quite something if Einstein was right, although not in any good way ......... "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

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