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Home working is here to stay, says Lenovo boss, and will grow the total addressable PC market by up to 30%

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

I have to say I'm with Lenovo on this

I think many, many m,ore people will be working from home long term. There will some real shift-changes in work methods. Some will be at home all the time, only going to a face to face meeting on special occasions. I think a smaller contingent will be going into downsized offices everyday. I'd expect the largest contingent will be part-time homeworkers, going into the office 1-3 days per week.

It will vary somewhat between companies, those with the sociopathic bosses probably leaning more to office working initially until they see other companies saving lots of money by selling off or renting out office space. A knock on effect will be massive shift in the commercial properties market. Office space prices will almost certainlly drop significantly in the short to medium term.

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