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Urdu is more associated with Pakistan, though it's the main language in some Indian states. The 28 Indian states are very diverse. Very many languages.

"Urdu is the 21st most spoken first language in the world, with approximately 66 million who speak it as their native language" Or the 11th most spoken language. Depends on source.

"Gaelic as the display language"

You mean the menu language. as long as áéíóú and ÁÉÍÓÚ work, any Latin-Roman regional setting works. Icelandic, German, Spanish and French have more characters not familiar to USA texts.

I've known people that make notes or write in Irish, German, Polish, French and Spanish with the Menus/OS Localisation set to US or British. Comments in German in programs. The Chinese even invented a way to write Chinese in Roman-Latin characters.

This is cent-pinching by MS.

Bizarre fact: The Irish Health service can't store accented names, Might not be too bad for some from Scandinavia, Baltic states and mainland Europe, but people here that don't much speak Irish will laugh at someone's name without an accent (Fada). Loads of words in Irish have unrelated meanings depending on if áéíóú or aeiou.

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