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For the price tag, this iPad Pro keyboard better damn well be Magic: It isn't... but it's not completely useless either


It's the software, stupid

Apple kit may be resilient and long lasting (like many other decent manufacturers kit too that cost a fraction of the price I may add).

But its the software that cripples it. I have a perfectly good 2012 imac with Ram and SSD upgrade that runs better than the day it was bought. But it is unusable for the only job I want it for, building iOS apps (how ironic). 2012 kit is unsupported, so latest xcode won't run, so can build apps up to ios 11 only.

Perfectly good kit scrapped because of a bean counter's glint of an opportunity to screw the consumer again for a new purchase.

Same applies to my iPhone 6. Perfectly decent device still but unusable because it won't get iOS 13, so no use for app testing anymore.

Next time a fan boy drones on about how Apple kit lasts forever, they can have my old iMac to shove it where the sun don't shine.

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