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Its the fate of all lost model aircraft

The current edition of the AMA (American aeromodellers) journal has two items about lost planes. One is a picture of a competition sailplane that disappeared a couple of years ago that was found recently. It disappeared because after crash landing it was picked up by a teenager who took it home and hid it in the crawl space under their house. This explains one common way that planes disappear -- its difficult to lose a bright yellow 4 meter wingspan plane, you need someone to move it The other piece was an article on using a quadcopter and mapping software to find a lost plane.

This goes to show just out of touch the official world is from real life. That drone is a model. Models get lost. There are all sorts of ways to locate models that are used by amateurs, up to and including GPS tracing and position reporting by cellphone. None involve the closing of a naitonal airspace.

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