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Why bother with Outlook, anyway?

When I switched to an Apple environment (Mac) around 8 years ago (as a long-time Windows user) I continued using the Office apps (ironically, I found the Mac versions better than the ones for Windows) but dropped using Outlook. I still have it on my Macs (to allow access to mail archives (going back to 1996) but switched mail and calendar to the native Mac and iOS versions. I didn't take to Apples Reminders own app but didn't miss the integration I'd used within Outlook - keeping mail, diary and todo separate was actually easier. It helped, of course, that everything ran much quicker on Apple kit, so switching apps was no more hassle than switching tabs or windows. (And Windows 10 running in a Parallels VM on my 6 year old MacBookPro still feels as slick as on some new Lenovo laptops I've set up for a local charity).

If MS is dropping iOS Outlook support for your language - switch to the native apps. They may not have as many bells and whistles - but that's because they're designed to do their core task and not all the extra fluff that folk seem obliged to use. It's quite refreshing, when receiving a meeting invitation from an Outlook user, to ignore the accept/reject/maybe buttons!

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