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‘68 iPhone 6s”

Really? IPhone 6 or 6s, it’s not clear which? The iPhone 6 is ancient, and no longer gets the latest OSes, and is due to go completely out of support in the next two-three years. It’s still getting security updates, including yesterday’s update to 12.4.7. It is effectively unsalable, I got a SE 2020 to replace my 6 and the best offer I got to buy the 6 was $60, so the 6 is now my spare phone. I’ll plug it in to power to get the battery back to 100% and to download the update later today. The 6s is one year less ancient, is barely salable, is still able to get the latest OS, until September/October this year when it will join the 6 on the no-longer-supported pile. Is HM Gov so penny-wise and pound-foolish that they didn’t go for a 8, or at least a 7, instead? Or is it that someone’s second cousin had a pile of unsalable 6s or 6ss and HM Gov is, um, helping them out? Or are they really that cheap and have not the slightest idea about future-proofing?

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