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PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover gets new gig driving ‘modern workforce transformation’

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I can't exactly remember

But appreciate PowerShell but not his constant banging on about automation and cloud in a bid to be able to get rid of engineers. Saw it in a video but can't remember what one.

Bit like Mark Russinovich. Have a man crush on him and love his systinternal tools. But there is one interview where I didn't like him and it put me off slightly. As he's now made his millions, deserved. He was in an interview banging on about Azure, saying that lots of engineers are against The Cloud because they know it will put them out of work, but that isn't a reason to dislike it, they need to adapt.

I'd rather not. To late in life to adapt and at an age companies won't hire me over the young ones despite the experience. And thats not the only reason I dislike The Cloud.

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