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Fiddle with First Responders...

at your own risk.

I know jack about the US Spectrum, it's usage and associated costs, including of course this 'T' band...

However, messing about with the Systems/Processes used by First Responders (no matter what side of the pond you are on) is not a good thing - even if people want more cellular bandwidth, for less outlay.

Perhaps someone could ask the British ambassador how the ESN job (Emergency Services Network) is going here in the UK. For our 'merican cousins, this involves moving all 'Blue Light' services (Fire/Police/Ambulance/Coast Guard/Transport police/etc.) off their nataional-coverage TETRA radio networks on to ..... LTE.

Actually, perhaps I'd better call the ambassador... having been involved at the start in a very minor capacity, I'd love to find out the current state of play now....especially the bit called 'NATS'..

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