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For those that feel aggrieved

You can OFC refuse to deal with anyone who passes your information to these "credit agencies", don't fill out any forms until they have signed off on not passing your data to third parties.

I had a fun time in the UK finding a bank or building society that would not pass my daughters details on but they do exist

In my case it was Nationwide Building Society, the others I checked insisted that accounts even without an ability to create debt would still require passing info to these leeches, I presume because the bank got a kick back at their customers expense.

So my advice is to stop agreeing to financial institutions selling your data, if everyone stopped using credit then the effect would be to make every service and commodity that remained cheaper and more focused upon the people who make their existence possible.

Remember without your business the banks/building societies cannot operate, given that the vast majority of their wealth comes from borrowing off Peter to loan to Paul. If Peter sleeps on his wealth instead of giving it to the banks then where does the money to lend Paul come from? they might have stored wealth but it is not enough to continue operations as they are today.

For too long you have given the banks the impression that Peter is going to sit still for any abuse they can think of, perhaps the time is right to put them back in their place.

You can lobby your representatives if you like but since most have been fettered by these leeches then it is going to take a very long time to turn it around if you do not do it yourself.

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