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Huawei's defiant spinning top says Chinese vendor can cope with renewed US sanctions

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Actually I was talking about China's locals only policy. If you want to do business in China, you have to hand over all your IP, you have to team up with a local firm with majority Chinese shareholders and they can take whatever they want and run with it. And if the Chinese governments decides they want to give a boost to a local firm then they can kick you out without warning, and hand over all of your IP to the local firm.

It's happened multiple times, so this isnt scaremongering. Hauwei got so big, because the Chinese government made it extremely difficult for outside firms to compete in China, that allowed Hauwei to get up to speed, when if they had been facing the already established players at that point, they would have gone under very quickly.

Was that good for China? In the long run, yes. Look at Hauwei now, its a world leading firm. But now countries are starting to hit back. So i stand by my statement that i find it funny that a firm who only succeeded because of the restrictions its government put in place to protect them, is now complaining that other countries are putting in similar protections to help their firms succeed.

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