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Many moons ago, when I was a super-computer specialist, I was asked to develop a little app to report for which process was using which amount of CPU, then link all to projects.

This was of course on a top class super-comp ...

First run of the app was surprising: about 70% of last month CPU usage was "rshd". Yes, whole month, day and night.

After a WTF session with the super's admin team, it turned out one of the dude working on this super never understood a thing.

In lieu of running all the big loops all on the super, he was running the main loop on his workstation, and would launch an rsh to the super for each iteration, millions of them. And on the poor super, the iteration would last one milli-sec but take many seconds to rsh to ...

Lots of laugh. And much very expensive CPU power lost ...

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