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TSMC to build new 5nm chip factory in Arizona with US government backing

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the low price of high tech

Arizona Governor Ducey is quoted to have said "“TSMC ... chose Arizona for our unbeatable business climate ...." Right-to-work (i.e., right to get fired for any reason, or for no reason at all) labor pool, little state-level interest in environmental protections (Arizona is a desert and if semiconductor manufacture requires much water -- does it? -- this could/should be a concern), emphasis on tax breaks for the corporate class, and all that before any specific TSMC giveaway goodie bags have been assembled. Curious to see if this winds up being another Theranos or Uber automated cars endeavour salivatingly sought by a governor so eager to have some shiny hi-tech bona fides that the state did not take a close look under the hood (or, if they did, decided that the "what could possibly go wrong?" was worth a handful of glitzy press conferences). One hopes this one will actually work out, provide Arizonans with decent (not call-center, not warehouse, not fast-food) jobs, and help the country avoid some of the tremors inherent to global business interconnection, but past experience gives cause for skepticism.

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