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Rust marks five years since its 1.0 release: The long and winding road actually works


Not trying to have an argument, but this is a bit sweeping and slightly unfair IMO, just to provide my view:

1. At compile time, not run time, so doesnt allow ambiguity or undefined inference, I dont think that's a weakening

2. English is the best and all programmers should know it...? I will take symbols with good documentation and I dont care what symbols (ASCII or not) we're using

3. Fair enough, but it does provide backward compatibility, the only other option is breaking changes which I would frown upon (or not? Not sure it's the only option, just all I can think of if the language is to add features)

4. "Obvious" is subjective


As far as I can see, its incorporated pretty good things from multiple paradigms. Only thing missing from OOP is inheritance, which *is* nice to use, but default Traits provide a similar ish behaviour

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