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Having been burned by other peoples thread safety failures, and irritated beyond belief by Java pop ups for null pointer exceptions in "enterprise" software, I was over the moon to hear of rust. I've now been learning/using it for a year. I *like* the DO NOT PASS GO borrow checker, it's precisely what programming languages *should be*, a tool that prevents the user (wave) from wacking their own thumb. I like to do things the 'correct' way, and take pride in my work, but sometimes I'm tired or distracted and type something incorrectly (ah, shit, I meant == not = in that if statement....), and I can't bloody get away with it! I *do* prefer that my code doesnt run if it's incorrect. Let hardware drivers do weird and wonderful ("unsafe") things, test them properly, and allow application developers to build useful stuff on top without tearing big security holes in the machine... yes please.

I am not surprised at all that people get carried away

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